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The Value of a Small Business Strategist

Are you running your business, or is it running you? Business moves quickly, and you need to be prepared for the curves ahead. Many entrepreneurs turn to a small business strategist to gain an edge that helps them grow more quickly, efficiently, and profitably.

The duties of a small business strategist include:

1. Keeping you focused. Owning a business is like spinning plates. As soon as you get one area of business working effectively, another area starts to spin out of control. It’s easy to lose focus and get derailed. Your small business strategist helps you hone in on the key decisions and activities to move forward and to accomplish your ambitions.

2. Informing you of the latest, relevant trends. After spending so much time just to keep up with changes in your industry, it can seem impossible to stay tuned in to general business trends. Your small business strategist keeps you plugged into business research, data, and innovations and helps filter for what is really applicable to your business.

3. Identifying missed opportunities. When you’re in the weeds of doing business, critical opportunities are often overlooked. A few hidden hazards can pop up too! Your small business strategist points out unnoticed opportunities and implements processes to uncover hidden hazards before they can derail your chances for success.

4. Providing feedback for growth – Even the captain of the ship needs a little reassurance about their direction, from time to time. Likewise, you need someone to give you open and honest feedback about where you’re going and what you’re doing to get there. Business objectivity is difficult to come by, but when your small business strategist considers the human side of the business, they see you. They understand that your well being and personal objectives are just as important as the business objectives. Foreseeing possibilities, your Small Business Strategist guides you to realize your desire, both personally and professionally.

5. Creating independence that frees you from the business. You can’t be there all the time. You will need time away to refresh, reflect, and even repeat business success by expanding into new directions. To do so, the business can’t be you. You need to develop an operating model that allows you to be an entrepreneur not just a business owner. You need a business that can operate autonomously, with delegation. You need to develop human capital… the managers and technicians that do the work of the business while you guide and direct. Your small business strategist advances your resources, skills, and knowledge more quickly so your business can flourish.

Want to know what a Small Business Strategist can do for your enterprise? Contact us today for a no cost/no obligation consultation.

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